Savings & Time Deposit

Business Savings

Designed for the businessperson with a financial goal in mind, the Business Savings Account is an interest-bearing account that is readily accessible. You can even have money directly deposited into your Business Savings Account from your Rayne State Bank Checking Accounts. You should keep your account open for at least six months to avoid any penalties. Open with as little as $100.00. Maintain an average daily balance of $300.00 for a service fee-free account. For smaller balances, a monthly service fee of $2.50 will be assessed.  No monthly service fee will be charged if the statement is combined with the DDA statement or sent via E-Statement.

Certificate of Deposits

Earn competitive market rates with a Rayne State Bank Certificate of Deposit. If you need a guaranteed annual percentage yield, without day-to-day access to your money, consider Certificates of Deposit ("CD"). Rayne State Bank offers a wide range of CDs for an individual's or business's changing needs. Whether you want a short-term or long-term investment, our options will interest you. Check out our rates here.

Choose terms from 90 days to 5 years, with interest rates guaranteed for the length of the term you've selected. Interest is not compounded, but can be paid directly to you by check or deposited into another Rayne State Bank account monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Whether it's a 90-Day CD or a 5-Year CD, we can fit your needs. You can even automatically renew your CD upon maturity at new rates. Be sure to ask for any new promotions too! Open with as little as $1,000.